Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Seattle Gift Show Booth Design

I'll be at the Seattle Gift Show August 16th-19th, at the Convention Center, showing my designs for Peony and Moss socks, booth #1132.

I'm working on my signs for the booth today!  Here's the booth design I created.  I got a 10x10 booth, but the organizers called and said they're putting me in a 10x14 booth!  Great news!

My booth will probably be much less packed than most people's but I believe less is more.  Better to let people see the product.

That's me standing on the left.  Then I have my inspiration boards with my socks hanging from them, for each of the 6 fall collections.  I'm going to mount the mood boards on foam core, then cover them in white tissue, to tone them down more than they are in this picture-- that way the sock designs will pop more.  I'm going to hang the mood boards with string and clothes pins from the 8 foot bar at the back of my booth, then I'll hand the socks with push pins from the boards.  Then I have my table with a small wooden display, postcards, and business cards.  The back and side walls and the table will all be covered in black cloth, which I think will really make my colorful sock designs pop.

I'm so excited to meet everyone at the trade show.  I love doing trade shows and meeting all the small business owners- both buyers and other presenters.

Now I have to go pick up my prints from the printer, and foam core, spray mount, and an exacto knife from the art supply store... then a long day of mounting and cutting 6 signs.  I'll be tired at the end of today!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Killer Vintage Dresses

So I wrote about how I love vintage shopping... so I'm going to share some of that love today.  I had nothing to do yesterday-- my husband was flying his new glider, and I was stuck at the airport, waiting for him to land.  So I drove over to the nearby Goodwill and tried on some vintage dresses.  Check out these gems.

To start with... this is a painting that just had really interesting, pretty colors.  I guess it's sort of art deco inspired, in the shape of the clouds and the colors.

This dress was one of my favorites.  I'm not sure when this dress is from or what it's supposed to be worn for. Early eighties power outfit for a working woman?  Ladies who lunch ensemble?  Dinner party?  I would wear it to a dinner party, but I didn't buy it because my friends already think I'm weird enough.

It's got huge shoulderpads.  I love how conservative it is-- 3/4 sleeves, tea length (below the knee), mandarin collar.  It's pale pink-- a really strange color to wear head to toe.

But check out this detailing on the neckline.  It does sort of remind me of Michael Jackson, but I think it must be early eighties because it's not as dramatic as later eighties.  Its got nice front pleating and self covered buttons

This ruffly ensemble has giant shoulder pads.  I really liked the curved shape of the belt-- its very ladylike and flattering.  Despite the absurdly large shoulder pads, I really liked this one.  I even think the large upholstery floral works head to toe in this silhouette.

Ok this blue dress had the largest sleeves I've ever seen.  They were way longer than my arms and only stayed on with little button cuffs.  But with so much fabric, how is it they couldn't cover the chest?  Are you supposed to wear it open?  What's the plan there?  I draped this modestly so you can only see a hint of my bra, but it's totally open in front.  This must be late 70s?  All 3 above dresses were polyester.

This reddish thing is an overcoat?  I think it's for wearing in the Seattle rain.  I thought it seemed pretty practical, and it has really pretty trapunto stitching on the shoulders, but I found it too shapeless and bag-like.  No idea when this is from.  70s?

This plaid dress is clearly from the 90s.  It has about ten thousand yellow plastic buttons down the front.  There's something sweet and prairie about it.  A little bit it reminds me of Electrick Children, a good movie about a mormon girl.

This 90s long denim dress was pretty fun, but the placket isn't long enough in front, so it was nearly impossible to get on and off.

And this hilarious pair of culottes with matching top was from Nordstrom.  You an see the green tag which read $70-- I'm sorry to see this ensemble was never worn.  It reminds me of the matching skirts and crop tops that are in style now.  The cool blue and purple floral print was nice, and the shoulder pads were enormous.  Early 80s?  By the way, Nordstom is still selling culottes.  This is the other one I really thought about buying.

I just thought this orange and yellow matching outfit was really funny, quirky, kitchy, but it doesn't have any pizazze in the silhouette.

Flight suit chick?

I like to image wearing this dowdy thing on a date.  It screams "I'm not that kind of girl, but I cook a mean apple pie"

and this vintage nightie set is adorbs.

as is this grandma nightcoat.

I didn't buy any of these gems because I just got a ton of new clothes at Nordstrom sample sales-- but next time I need new clothes, I'm definitely going the vintage route.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Baby Goat Photos to Cheer You Up

A friend of mine is having a rough time, because her dad has been in and out of the hospital.  I sent her these adorable baby goat photos to cheer her up.

insert me here:

this is an otter and a goat

and these are baby hedgehogs: