Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Things I'm Into Right Now

As my husband and I finish up our home renovations, I've been having a great time picking out the fixtures and appliances.  This is the fun part!  We picked out appliances from Metroplitan Appliance in Sodo.  We found this great lighting store called Rejuvenation to add some really quality finishing touches to our lighting.  We like this for our ceiling lights.  We thought it was independently owned-- it turns out it was recently bought by Williams Sonoma.  We're a little disappointed by that, but I think we'll still buy from them-- they have great stuff and make a lot of products still in Portland.  And it's not like Ikea and Lowes are selling locally made products.  I can't wait to get a green velvet couch from Ikea for the living room.

I'm getting excited about gardening at my new house!  I signed up for Ubr Local to share plants with my neighbors.  I would really like to get cuttings and splittings from my neighbors plants instead of just going to the store and buying what I want.  My next-door neighbor is already excited about sharing plants with me.

I've been really inspired by creative friends recently.  My friend Andrea runs Heart of Flint jewelry.

My roommate from college, Becca, created her own pillow line and was recently featured in the New York Times!

A girl I was friends with in second grade (!), Erin Partin, has a nutrition consulting business and 11,000 instagram followers.

Lindsay Degen was a few years younger than me but went to the same high school and design school-- she has her own amazing knits line-- and like me she designs socks and baby clothes.

I interned at Macy's with Jess Lively-- I've really been enjoying her podcast-- she told me when we were interns that she wanted to be Martha Stewart, and I think she's well on her way.  Lively is her married name-- pretty much the best name change coincidence ever.

I've been listening to a bunch of other amazing podcasts too- The Tim Ferriss show, Radio Lab, This American Life, and Ted Talks.  I listen to podcasts pretty much all day when I'm working, so I go through them pretty quick.  Do you have any recommendations for other shows?

I just discovered after seeing a few #100happydays I finally googled it.  I think I'm going to do the challenge right after I move and I'm enjoying my new house.  This year of home renovation has been stressful-- it would be great to celebrate the little things for 3 months.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seattle Mural Project Call for Submissions

I've been thinking a lot about creating public art.  I've always wanted to do murals, but I've never really pursued it.  There are a lot of interesting calls for public art on the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture website  I tried to submit to the Seattle Mural Project a few weeks ago, but the website wasn't working!  It was so frustrating. I shouldn't have waited until the last day to submit, and I should have only submitted one small image for each idea, instead of 4 images that werent as small as possible.  After we finish renovating our house, I'll look into doing more public art.  I'd love to do one of the projects with a $100,000 budget!  How amazing would that be.  These are my submissions to the Seattle Mural Project, that never went through.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Making Art from Little Bits and Pieces of Plants

I've been inspired to make some found object art.  It's a form of art I've really enjoyed over the years.  There's an artist that makes amazing found art pieces for the New York Times.  My brother sent me a blog he likes of someone that makes daily sketches incorporating a found object.  I recently saw a facebook post of little plant objects artfully arranged and well photographed.  I also saw a facebook post of beautiful snail photos.  Ofcourse I can't remember the names of any of these people or sites, but they inspired me.  So I've been trying out this fun art form as a nice way to add a little creativity to my day, and to play with the little bits of plants that I naturally enjoy collecting.  It reminds me of my favorite toy in kindergarten, which was a bunch of multicolored blocks in different shapes that I liked to make into medalion mendalla designs.  Here's what I've done so far:

To see more, follow Peony and Moss, the new sock collection I'm designing, on pinterest  or Instagram